Gallery Doorway

Thank you for visiting my on line gallery. To see my latest works visit the ‘Latest Exhibitions’ link above.

You will find a selection of images from recent exhibitions and travel sketchbooks.

Some of the works are available for sale. If you would like to make an inquiry feel free to email me stuartwhitelaw(AT)

13 thoughts on “Gallery Doorway

  1. What a creative family, you and Christine; I am captivated by your paintings and unique color schemes and art lines. Lucky you getting help with the Website; will you loan Christine to me for awhile; Napkinwriter owns her webaddress but needs to actually develop the website; haven’t much of a clue.

    • Hi Napkinwriter,
      I have been known to draw on napkins as well! Thanks for your comments, not sure I can do without Christine for any length of time as I am pretty clueless as well when it comes to websites.

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  3. Your work is superb. I love the use of your colors and form. Beautiful! I especially like your landscapes, but I’ve always been partial to the magnificence of the great outdoors! 🙂 Christine is a lucky woman, to be married to such a talented man!

  4. Ooh! I like so many of these all for different reasons!! I love the Kelly’s Pool triptych – each panel complete in itself (the movement of the water in the centre is brilliant). I think ‘Through the Casuarinas’ and ‘The space Between’ are my faves. Terrific layers, colour, shapes and texture – so intriguing, wonderful pieces, they really make me explore them. Best wishes for your exhibition Stuart 🙂

  5. Stuart, what happened to your lovely painting, “Dancing Forest”? I fell in love with your style and the color blue when I first saw it – and no idea what was yet to come!

    • Hi bj,
      ‘Dancing forest’ almost found a new home a couple of weeks ago, but the people liked 2 others better. So it’s back in the storeroom.
      I hope to get back in the canoe after the exhibition to do some more on the water- it is hard work but so rewarding.

  6. Hello Stuart! I found you! Via Toby, who knows Freya Blackwood, whose publisher I am! Good old facebook …

    Your paintings of trees are more glorious than ever. The one you gave me a million years ago is still on the wall (it’s a different wall, now, though).

    • Hi Margrete,
      What a delightful surprise! I love to hear about the homes of old paintings. If you can, send me a pic ( so I can remember it.
      Send me some news of you and yours when you get a chance, and if you are ever on the South Coast come and visit!

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