Being There

This section is a selection of new works from my exhibition ‘Being There’ which was held at the Mechanic’s Institute Moruya in May 2012 as part of the annual ‘River of Art’ Festival .

As well as the works shown below, some of my original art work from the Eurobodalla Food and Art Guide was also exhibited.

Almost all of my art work is done in situ, and has an immediacy and hopefully a sense of ‘being there’. There is a short time-lapse video of the process on the ‘artist‘ page.

The landscapes, even the large canvases are all initiated and the colours realised on site. This is possible because of my working methods using traditional soft pastels and a quick drying medium. A combination of solid pastel strokes and transparent glazes using pastel pigment with acrylic medium allows me to put down colours as I experience them in place. The ambient light while the work is in progress is naturally incorporated into the painting.

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